Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Hello! It’s already time for another Top Ten Tuesday – this summer is flying  by isn’t it?! This week is quite a tricky one because I’m not sure if the settings I want to see more of are relatively absent in books in general or just in my reading personally. So, I’ve come up with ten settings I’d like to see more of in my reading and if you have any recommendations that utilise these setting then please do let me know in the comments!

1. Morocco



So, Morocco sprang instantly to my mind when I read this week’s theme and I think that’s because I read Tangerine by Christine Mangan last year. It is set in Tangiers and the atmospheric setting played a huge part in making Tangerine such a great read. You can read my review of it here if you fancy! I think it’s the sometimes oppressive heat and the incredible history that make Morocco a intriguing setting I would love to see more of in books.

2. Ancient Egypt



This one is because I just feel like there are more books about Ancient Rome and Greece than there are about Ancient Egypt. I know there are lots of books about Cleopatra (and I definitely want to read some of them) but I would really love more stories about the lesser known Ancient Egyptians and about other aspects of a culture that was so rich and historically fascinating.

3. Mongolia


Ghenghis Khan in particular has always fascinated me and I got the above book to listen to on audio at some point. Mongolia during the middle ages seems like it would provide great fodder for some historical fiction but I haven’t really come across any! The Mongol Empire was the largest in history and there was so much war and political intrigue – it kind of seems like a bit of a Game of Thrones situation and a book like that would be fabulous.

4. Mexico



I’m sure there are plenty of books set in Mexico but I simply haven’t encountered many and I would really love to. The Day of the Dead in particular intrigues me and there is so much beauty and culture in Mexico that it would make for an awesome setting.

5. Scottish Highlands



I am Scottish and I live in Edinburgh so I’m always going to be drawn to books set here! There are lots of books set in Scotland but I feel like there’s not quite as many set up in the more remote Highlands and Islands, most seem to be in the bigger cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Scottish countryside is (in my biased view) the most beautiful in the world and could add a lot to the atmosphere of a book!

6. Byzantine Empire



I’m a student studying costume design so I have spent a little time researching what people wore throughout history and one of the most intriguing eras I researched was the Byzantine Empire. The capital was Constantinople (now Istanbul) and it seems like it could be a very interesting period for a book to be set in. I’d love to read one set back when the Byzantine Empire was at it’s peak but Istanbul itself would also be a great setting.

7. Venice



This one is purely because Venice is one of my favourite places in the world and I would love to read more books set there. It is such a unique place and the intricate network of water could make for a great historical thriller or a modern mystery even! The masks of Venice are also something I think could be used in the plot of a book set in this gorgeous city!

8. Latvia/Lithuania


This one is because I just recently finished Between Shades of Gray which is about a family being uprooted from their life in Lithuania and their tortuous journey to Siberia during World War Two. Latvia and Lithuania, especially during the war, are not countries that I have read about a lot in my reading of fiction and non-fiction concerning World War Two and I’d like to remedy that if anyone has any recommendations because it’s so important to remember that practically everybody in the world was affected by the conflict.

9. China (Past or Present)



I’ve never been to China and so I would really enjoy reading more books set there. I know there must be plenty but I don’t appear to have many on my shelves and I’d love there to be more. China has a really complex history and that would make it a fantastic place to set a work of fiction. Modern China seems to be a more popular setting but I don’t think I’ve read many set there either so I’m going to be on the lookout for more!

10. Saxon Britain



Again, I love anything set in my lovely Britain but I would definitely like to see more books set during the Saxon period. I honestly know virtually nothing about that period of history so I really can’t give much info on it but I’d love to be educated and learn more about it through reading.

Well that’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my list! I’d love to know what you think of it and if you have any recommendations that include these settings then please do let me know in the comments!


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50 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All)

  1. paperplanenomad says:

    It’s not Mongolia exactly, but The Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale is a retelling set in a Mongolia-inspired world and I loved it! Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson is set in Han Dynasty China and I remember I really enjoyed that series as well. A recent favourite of mine Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve is set at the cusp of the Saxon invasion and it was so good! The setting for the sci-fi fantasy Mirage by Somaiya Daud is also based closely on Morocco and its period of government violence c.1960s-80s.

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  2. Nerd Narration says:

    Give me all the ancient Egyptian reads!! I’m so here for that setting it’s not even funny! I love your country-focused list! I mentioned that I wanted to try and do something like that this week, but couldn’t find enough examples to utilize, which I guess confirms we truly need MORE of these settings!!

    Feel free to check out my list (my first TTT in almost 7 months) here:

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  3. Lilyfae says:

    Great list!! I almost went with Ancient Egypt or the Classical World because of my love for Ancient History!!
    I have to say if you were happy to read Middle Grade there are plenty of Scottish countryside and island books for enjoying across a range of genres!

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  4. @lynnsbooks says:

    This is a great list – I loved all your suggestions.
    We recently spent two months in the Highlands and I completely agree with you about the beauty. It’s absolutely stunning and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
    Lynn 😀

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  5. Poinsettia says:

    Great list! I’d read books set in Scotland. I don’t travel much so reading about different places is always interesting to me. As for Saxon Britain, I just started reading a really good series by Bernard Cornwell called the Saxon Stories. It takes place in the late 800’s and is about the struggle between the Saxons and the Danes. The first book is called The Last Kingdom. They even have a tv show based on the books. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

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  6. Amanda @ Literary Weaponry says:

    Yes yes yes for Ancient Egypt! There are so few books that are ancient Egypt and the ones that are seem to be around Cleopatra’s time and that just doesn’t cut it for me. I need real Egypt, not that post Roman occupation nonsense.


  7. Ambi says:

    Fabulous picks! I love my settings in books and my top priority when looking for new books is what type of setting it has! Have you read the Outlander series? I’ve read the first book which is set in historical Scotland and to me it was thoroughly enjoyable. Happy reading! 🙂

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