A Good Man by Ani Katz – Review

Title: A Good Man

Author: Ani Katz

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense

Publisher: Random House UK, Cornerstone

Publication Date: 16th January 2020


Rating: 4/5


Thomas Martin is everything a man is supposed to be. He has a beautiful wife and a loving daughter, a good house on Long Island, a flourishing career at a prestigious Manhattan advertising firm. He’s a good son and brother, taking it upon himself to support his ailing mother and adult sisters. He knows it’s his God-given duty to shield them, his girls, from the everyday horrors of the world.

But he has failed, and unspeakable tragedy has befallen his family.

Now, Thomas struggles to come to terms with what has become of his life. If only he can tell the story as he saw it, he believes he might find out how and why things unravelled so horribly; how he failed so disastrously.

Because Thomas Martin is a good man.


I was especially looking forward to this book because the blurb doesn’t give much away which made me really curious! It wasn’t entirely what I was expecting but I have to say I was completely gripped all the way through. A Good Man is basically a very intense character study and also a fascinating commentary on toxic masculinity and perception.

This is the sort of book that could easily be read in one sitting, it is relatively short and it is so interesting to take in how things unravel in Thomas’ life and why. There is a tone and style to the writing which is quite unusual and completely engrossing. I am hesitant to give away too much about the story because I think it’s best to go into it with minimal knowledge but what I will say is that this book shows exactly what is wrong with some aspects of society. The author deftly exposes a subtle sexism and darkness that exists just beneath the surface disguised as chivalry, old fashioned values and male protectiveness. There is nothing inherently wrong with any of these things but this book powerfully demonstrates how they can be twisted by a certain type of man’s narcissism and skewed perception of himself.

A Good Man is an incredibly compelling read that will chill readers to the bone. It is a fascinating and positively eerie look at an unreliable narrator and whilst it may not be to absolutely everyone’s taste, I think fans of character driven psychological thrillers will likely find it as impactful and intelligently written as I did.


I received this e-arc through Netgalley. My review is my own, honest opinion.

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