August Wrap-Up!

Hi everyone! Well that month just flew by in a second didn’t it?! It’s been quite a stressful month for me as I’ve been getting a bit anxious about lockdown rules being relaxed and things going back to normal in some ways but I’m trying to not get too worked up about it. I’m also going to be moving to a new flat at the end of September/start of October which is exciting but it’s involving a lot of organisation and stressing on my part! Furthermore, university is starting up again soon which is nerve-wracking because I have serious health issues so being on campus worries me but I’m just going to try and cope with it as it happens and hope for the best.

In my reading life things are going very well! I read 11 books this month which is a lot for me, this was because there are just so many amazing books being released at the moment and I couldn’t not get involved! Here is a little round-up:

  • The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard – 5/5 – My Review
  • Monstrous Souls by Rebecca Kelly – 5/5 – My Review
  • The Good Assassin by Stephan Talty – Audiobook – 4/5
  • The Innocents by Michael Crummey – 4/5 – My Review
  • The Twins of Auschwitz by Eva Mozes Kor – 5/5 – My Review
  • True Story by Kate Reed Petty – 5/5 – My Review
  • The Search Party by Simon Lelic – 4.5/5 – My Review
  • A Crack in the Wall by Claudia PiΓ±eiro – 4/5 – My Review
  • A Ruined Girl by Kate Simants – 5/5 – My Review
  • Ordinary Hazards by Anna Bruno – 5/5 – My Review
  • A Song of Isolation by Michael J. Malone – 4.5/5 – My Review
My August Bullet Journal Spread

I’ve really enjoyed all the books I read this month! Some particular highlights were The Nothing Man, Monstrous Souls and Ordinary Hazards but honestly I’d highly recommend all of these fabulous books! I really hope you are all well and that September is a good month for all of us!


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