May Reading Wrap-Up

Hello! I’ve actually had a really good reading month, I read 10 books which is a little more than usual for me and I’ve enjoyed all of them and absolutely loved a few! I had a really busy April on my university course so it was nice to have a bit more reading time in May. The only thing that has made reading a little tricky is I have a new addition to my household – my cockapoo puppy named Lottie! She has been with me for about six weeks and I absolutely adore her but my goodness is it hard work. I already deal with bad fatigue due to my health conditions and ridiculous amount of medications and dealing with a new puppy has made the exhaustion even worse, which has been really hard. However, I wouldn’t change her for the world! She is so funny, clever, sweet and such a little social butterfly!

Anyway – back to books! So, without further ado, here are the books I read in May, my rating and a link to my review!

It’s so hard to pick a favourite because I read so many fabulous books this month but I would have to go with a tie between The Pact which was such a gripping and addictive thriller and Snowflake which really blew me away and is definitely going to be up there with my books of the year.

Hope you are all doing well and coping ok!


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