The Messenger by Megan Davis – Blog Tour Review

Title: The Messenger

Author: Megan Davis

Genre: Thriller

Publisher: Zaffre

Publication Date: 30th March 2023

Rating: 4/5



Wealthy and privileged, Alex has an easy path to success in the Parisian elite his father mingles with. But the two have never seen eye to eye. Desperate to escape the increasingly suffocating atmosphere of their apartment, Alex seeks freedom on the streets of Paris where his new-found friend Sami teaches him how to survive. But everything has a price – and one night of rebellion changes their lives forever.

A simple plan to steal money takes a sinister turn when Alex’s father is found dead. Despite protesting their innocence, both boys are imprisoned for murder. Seven years later Alex is released from prison with a single purpose: to discover who really killed his father. Yet as he searches for answers and atones for the sins of his past, Alex uncovers a disturbing truth with far-reaching consequences.

Playing out against a backdrop of corruption, fake news and civil unrest, The Messenger exposes the gritty reality of a changing city through one son’s journey to redemption and the truth.


I love the city of Paris so I was really excited to read a thriller that sounded so intriguing set there – and it didn’t let me down! The Messenger covers a whole load of themes from difficult father/son relationships to the darkness of conspiracy and betrayal. The story follows Alex, who has just been released from prison after being implicated in the murder of his father. He knows he is innocent, however, and once out of jail is determined to find out what exactly his father, a journalist, was working on and why it could have gotten him killed. The narrative jumps back and forth between the time leading up to Alex’s father’s death and the present until truth of what really happened is finally revealed.

In all honestly, The Messenger takes a little while to get going, in the sense that it is a bit of a slow burn initially. However, this slow build up pays off as the story becomes more and more twisty and compelling. It shows a very different side to Paris, a dark and dangerous side that is genuinely quite chilling because the setting is so beautifully crafted. It paints a picture of a society at the brink, with every interaction and situation poised to tip into unrest or violence. It also feels incredibly relevant to the world we currently live in, which feels increasingly out of sync and unsettling. It makes for a very effective thriller. I also loved the depiction of the fractious relationship between father and son which is really the true emotional strength of the story. The Messenger is not a short book, but I have to say, I flew through it, totally caught up in this tense, smart and sharply observant novel. Would definitely recommend.


Huge thanks to Tracy Fenton of Compulsive Readers for my place on the blog tour and for the copy of the book. My review is entirely my own honest opinion.

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