Liebster Award

So, I was tagged for the Liebster Award by the lovely Bibi’s Book Blog – and her blog is fantastic so definitely go check it out!



  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and display the award
  • Answer 11 questions that they asked you
  • Come up with 11 questions of your own
  • Tag 11 bloggers and don’t forget to let them know


1. What’s your favourite genre?

I will honestly read most genres with the exception of romance and really scary horror! I think my favourite genre has to be thriller/crime/suspense. I read loads of these books, more than any other genre and I never tire of them. My favourite crime writer is probably Karin Slaughter who is so good at creating characters that are flawed but still easy to root for and dark, gripping storylines.


2. What’s your so far favourite book discovery of 2018?

I think it’s probably reading my first Stephen King book, The Outsider. I’ve always been kind of curious about his books but there are just so many that I was a bit overwhelmed and I’m also a bit too much of a scaredy-cat for proper horror. However, The Outsider read more like a thriller for most of it and I really enjoyed it!

3. What’s your drink of choice?

I don’t drink alcohol but I do like a mocktail – especially if it involves strawberry! I also drink loads of water and quite a lot of diet coke!

4. What’s your favourite TV show?

This changes all the time! I am really loving The Affair at the moment and also The Bold Type on Amazon Prime. I do, of course, also love Friends and can watch it over and over again and still find it hilarious!

5. Which country would you like to visit, if you had to base it on the food they’re known for?

I would really like to visit Canada and Iceland but going purely on food – it would probably have to be Italy. I’ve been to Italy many times before but the food is always amazing and comforting.

6. Do you judge a book by it’s cover?

I try hard not to, but if I’m being totally honest then yes, I do often judge a book by it’s cover. If a book has a beautiful, bold or shocking cover I am more likely to pick it up and want to read it.

7. What’s your favourite time of day?

I think it’s probably early evening/dusk. I always find it a really pretty time of day when the sun has almost gone but it’s not actually night time yet.


8. How do you decide what blog post to write next?

Well, I mostly write reviews so it kind of depends what i’m reading and how much I have to say about it! I also like to do Top Ten Tuesday every week and if I am tagged in these sort of posts then I always like doing those!

9. If you had one wish, what would it be? You can’t wish for more wishes.

It would probably be to keep me and my family happy and healthy for a very long time. I have had to deal with a lot of health problems over the past couple of years and I would love for that to just disappear!

10. What’s your favourite colour?

I really like rose gold, blues and pinks! I like most colours though – I’m not hugely picky!

11. What are three things about you that you think people should know?

  1. That I am a terrible liar – I always break out in giggles when I try to lie so I’m a pretty honest person!
  2. I absolutely love my dog – he has brought so much happiness into mine and my whole family’s lives.
  3. Reading will always be of vital importance to me – I think very few things have had as huge an impact on me as books have.


So that’s it! That was fun – I love answering questions!

I will nominate:

Lucy’s Bookish World

Becky’s Book Blog

Hammock of Books

The Bookworm Chronicles

Sara The Bibliophagist

Hannah – I Have Thoughts on Books

LaRonda – Flying Paperbacks

Nose Stuck In A Book


  1. What book has had the most impact on your life?
  2. What are your hobbies, besides reading?
  3. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?
  4. Which season of the year do you prefer and why?
  5. What is your favourite movie?
  6. Do you have any pets?
  7. Name three things that make you happy?
  8. What is your favourite book you’ve read this year so far?
  9. Where was your best holiday ever?
  10. If you could meet one author – who would it be and why?
  11. What is your most anticipated book for the rest of the year?

Have fun! No pressure if you don’t feel like doing the tag!


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