My Sister and I by Sean-Paul Thomas – Review

Title: My Sister and I

Author: Sean-Paul Thomas

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Publisher: Paul Thomas Publishing


Summary: from Amazon

A young teenage girl and her Psychotic twin sister must grow up hard and fast in the unforgiving Scottish Highlands as their father – a sick and twisted, violent man, obsessed with the end of the world – teaches them how to survive out in the wild with no one to rely on but themselves. 


I could tell this was going to be a pretty intense read from the very first chapter and things just got even more twisted from there on in! This is an ideal book for Halloween reading. It’s got a great deal of darkness and violence in it which is perfect for this time of year but it also has a really interesting story and characters that genuinely frightened me at times.

The plot follows twin sisters as they are put through sadistic and bizarre trials in survival by their clearly very unstable father. I always find the bond between sisters fascinating and even more so between twins. Twins are pretty popular in horror stories in part because seeing two people who look completely alike but are very different people is always a little unnerving for some reason. The bond between these twins is the driving force of the story and I found them so intriguing to read about.

This book is very disturbing throughout so if you like your thrillers more on the mild side then My Sister and I may be a little too much for you but if you’re looking for a sinister and spooky book this Halloween then this is an excellent choice. Being Scottish myself, I also really enjoyed the huge part that the unyielding and atmospheric Scottish highlands played in the story. The harsh terrain made the book feel even more tense and unforgiving. Plus the cover is so perfectly spooky for Halloween!


I received an e-copy of the book from the author. My review is my own honest and unbiased opinion.

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