This Lie Will Kill You by Chelsea Pitcher – ARC Review

Title: This Lie Will Kill You

Author: Chelsea Pitcher

Genre: Young Adult, Horror, Mystery

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK



Summary: from Amazon

One year ago, there was a party.
At the party, someone died.
Five teens all played a part and up until now, no one has told the truth.

But tonight, the five survivors arrive at an isolated mansion in the hills, expecting to compete in a contest with a $50,000 grand prize. Of course…some things are too good to be true. They were each so desperate for the prize, they didn’t question the odd, rather exclusive invitation until it was too late.

Instead, they realize they’ve been lured together by a person bent on revenge who wants to finally unravel the truth about what actually happened that deadly night, one year ago.

Five arrived, but not all can leave. Will the truth set them free?
Or will their lies destroy them all?


I was quite enthusiastic to read This Lie Will Kill You because I was hoping for a similar sort of thing to One Of Us Is Lying, another Young Adult mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed earlier this year. Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations. The basic premise intrigued me and the story started out quite promisingly but as the book went on things got a little bit bizarre in a way that just didn’t make sense. I don’t mind a bit of melodrama at all, but it has to be skilfully done for me to enjoy it. Some have likened This Lie Will Kill You to the TV show Riverdale and I kind of get where they are coming from. Riverdale is absolutely ludicrous in a whole range of ways but I always get the feeling that it is a self-aware ridiculousness, almost satirical. I did not get that feeling with this book, so rather that being amused by the melodrama, it got a bit tiresome.

That’s not to say This Lie Will Kill You doesn’t have some good points. The characters are pretty interesting and the author dives right into the action which was fun and kept things moving along at a good pace. However, for me at least, the book as a whole just didn’t work. I think there’s a good idea here but it got taken over by some strange, often cheesy dialogue and some silly melodrama.


I received this e-arc through Netgalley. My review is my own honest opinion. 

This Lie Will Kill You is out 27th December 2018





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