July Wrap-Up!

Hello! It is honestly really freaking me out that July is over and we are now in August – the summer is going by so quickly! I’ve had a kind of tricky month with chronic illness and pain which, whilst a constant in my life, is still hard to deal with when I have a series of bad pain days close together like I have throughout July. However, I’m hoping August will be better and I’ll try my hardest to be positive despite it being something that doesn’t come easily to me!

In happier news, I have had another really great reading month full of absolutely fantastic books! This year (which has been horrible in many ways) is actually shaping up to be brilliant in terms of my reading – I have written so many five-star reviews which is lovely – so long may it continue! I read seven books this month which I’m happy with although I just wish there was more time in the day because there are so many books I want to read at the moment! Here is a little round-up:

  • The Shadow Friend by Alex North – 5/5 – My Review
  • Spirited by Julie Cohen – 4/5 – My Review
  • Belladonna by Anbara Salam – 5/5 – My Review
  • Fey’s War by Catherine Bailey – 5/5 – My Review
  • Final Cut by S.J. Watson – 4/5 – Review to come!
  • The Wicked Sister by Karen Dionne – 5/5 – My Review
  • A Room Made of Leaves by Kate Grenville – 4/5 – Review to come!
My July Bullet Journal Spread!

I really don’t think I could pick a favourite because there are several here that I think are outstandingly good but if pushed I would have to pick The Wicked Sister because it is a constantly gripping read which had me completely transfixed! Honestly though – these are all totally brilliant and I recommend all of them unreservedly!


3 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up!

  1. Terra says:

    I like the look of your book journal, it is so pretty and organized. I have a rather scraggly list of books I’ve read, on many pieces of paper, taped to a book shelf. I think my list goes back about 5 years, but is a mess to read. Yours is very clear.


  2. BiteIntoBooks (@BiteIntoBooks) says:

    I’ve had to deal with chronic pain because of a broken finger that didn’t heal well, after surgery it went well and it’s now gone for most of the days. The whole process took 3 years..

    Currently I’m in the middle of recovery for an injury in my shoulder and I’m in so much pain, especially during the nights! I totally forgot what it’s like to deal with pain multiple days in a row, but now I remember, and it’s awful!! So I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with chronic pain. I rly hope August will be better for you!

    And I hope you’ll read more awesome books ^^


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