May Wrap-Up

Hello lovely people! So we are now, incredibly, into June already. I cannot believe how fast this summer is disappearing, it’s actually quite frightening. Recently the news and my thoughts are very much dominated by the events in America and whilst I will keep this post about mainly books, I do just want to say that I am saddened and outraged by what has happened. I am doing my best to be mindful that my voice is not one that is of great importance right now and I have been and will continue to promote the voices that need to be heard over on Twitter and Instagram. We all need to do what we can, so – read, share, donate if you can, listen, understand, help and demand better.

This last week or so has been absolutely scorching here in Scotland which I know a lot of people are loving. I am always hot anyway, so to be honest this is the kind of weather I hate – sorry to be a sun-grinch! I am still largely staying home despite the easing of lockdown because from what I’ve seen in photos and heard from friends and family, unfortunately some people are taking the lockdown rules being relaxed and the nice weather as an excuse to just go back to normal which I have to admit really scares me. However, I am going to hope for the best!

Reading-wise, I’ve had another month of really fantastic books! Once again all 4/5 star reads! Here is a little recap with links to my reviews if you fancy giving them a read!

  • Death of a Mermaid by Lesley Thomson : 4/5 – My review
  • The New Girl by Harriet Walker : 5/5 – My Review
  • Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten : 4.5/5 – My Review
  • Dear Child by Romy Hausmann : 5/5 – My Review
  • The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel : 5/5 – My Review
  • The Magnificent Sons by Justin Myers : 4/5 – My Review
  • The House on the Lake by Nuala Ellwood : 4/5 – My Review
My May Reading BuJo Page!

Honestly, these books are all absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend all of them! If pushed, my favourite of the month was probably The New Girl by Harriet Walker which I just loved loved loved.

I really hope everyone is coping ok this week – stay safe.


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